Job opportunities for Physiotherapy in Coventry

The dilemma of having education qualification in a field and not knowing what opportunities are available, is one experienced in the Physiotherapy front. This article includes a list of the available jobs for Physiotherapy in Coventry.

The job opportunities include;

· Acupuncturist

· Dance movement physiotherapist

· Exercise physiologist

· Osteopath

· Personal trainer

ü Acupuncturist

This involves the use of traditional Chinese methods of therapy, where fine needles would be pierced into the body at very specific points. It is a therapeutic service that has been accredited by the western medical practices and is in use.

ü Dance movement physiotherapist

This involves the use of dance in therapy. It is where the body is allowed a relaxation activity which at the same time releases tension in the muscles.

The therapist shall be working even in social setups aside from the normal hospital environment.

ü Exercise physiologist

This job involves the proper use of exercise by persons. It looks into the intricacies of exercise and specific exercises and their benefit to the body.

The therapist can work with hospitals and even institutions of learning in their physical exercise programs.

ü Osteopath

It involves therapeutic services to the joints, muscles and spine. It looks into the posture of a person and how it affects the body and its muscles.

The therapist is most likely to be self-employed and offer his/her services on a consultancy level.

ü Personal trainer

This course involves individualized training of persons. It employs physiotherapy into training for optimum performance.

The therapist is most likely to work in homes of the persons.


Acupuncturist- The salary for an acupuncturist is 45 to 90 pounds per session

Dance movement - The salary is 25 to 60 pounds per session

Exercise physiologist- The salary is 18,000 to 35, 000 pounds in the lower bracket

Osteopath- The salary is 35 to 50 pounds per session

Personal trainer- The salary is 20 to 40 pounds per hour on the lower bracket